By taking part in solar and wind energy projects, Groningen Seaports intends to contribute to improving the sustainability of energy production. Renewable energy is in keeping with various aspects of the green port vision (CO2 reduction, improved sustainability, greening the chemical cluster, etc.) and the visions in Eemsdelta and the Province of Groningen. Green energy is also completely in line with the ambition of Groningen Seaports as an energy port.

Condition for establishing a business

 It is clear that (amber) green power (such as solar panels and wind turbines) is increasingly important as a factor for establishing a business. This applies in particular to large energy-consuming businesses, such as data centres and chemical plants. Guarantees for the consumption of (amber) green energy are essential for establishing a business in the area, with potential and existing customers demanding that this power is both produced and consumed in the region. The premises of Groningen Seaports have been accommodating dozens of wind turbines for many years, and three solar parks are now also under development.

SunPort Delfzijl

The largest solar energy park of the Netherlands is located in Delfzijl. SunPort Delfzijl consists of approximately 123,000 solar panels, positioned on a site measuring 30 hectares (60 football pitches) in the southwest corner of the Oosterhorn industrial area in Delfzijl. Google’s new data centre in Eemshaven consumes the 30 MW power it produces. This solar park therefore makes an important contribution to the availability of renewable energy to local businesses. The project concerns a total investment of more than thirty million euro.

Name of the park: SunPort Delfzijl
Surface area: 30 hectares
Number of panels: 123,000
Capacity: 30 MW
Status: in use
Operated by: Wirsol


Delfzijl – Geefsweer

South of Delfzijl, along the N362 between the Fivelpoort business park and the Delfzijl industrial area, is a former sludge depot of Groningen Seaports. It was constructed when the port of Delfzijl was made deeper, but it is no longer in use. On this 7-hectare site the Geefsweer solar park is being built. It is expected that the solar park on the whole will produce 7.3 MW of electricity per year, which equals the energy consumption of more than 2,000 Dutch households. This investment of several million euro is partly the result of the SDE+ subsidy, granted under the Renewable Energy Production Incentive Scheme.

The solar park will blend into the landscape and will be hidden from view as far as possible. This will be done by using the existing depot dyke for cultivating grass, reeds and trees.

Name of the park: Zonnepark Geefsweer
Surface area: 7 hectares
Number of panels: 28,000
Capacity: 7.3 MW
Status: building commences Q3 2018
Operated by: Solarfields



At the eastend of the Oosterhorn industrial site in Delfzijl and at dredge depot Heveskeslaan, Groningen Seaports will develop two large solarfields together with Eneco, Wirsol, NMFG, Grunneger Power and GREK. Local end-use of the electricity produced at both projects is very important to the developers. Therefor the electricity will be supplied to local citizens, local SME’s and large scale local companies. Citizens are invited, through the cooperation with GREK, NFMG and Grunneger Power, to participate in the projects.

Name of the park: Oosterhorn Valgenweg
Surface area: 16 hectares
Number of panels: 63,096
Capacity: 17 MW
Status: under development

Name of the park: Dredge depot Heveskeslaan
Surface area: 14 hectares
Number of panels: 57,816
Capacity: 16 MW
Status: under development

Zonnedijk Eemshaven

Solarfields and Groningen Seaports also have advanced plans for the construction of a solar dyke in Eemshaven. On the dyke to the south of Eemshaven a solar park with 19,000 panels will be built. The dyke belongs to Groningen Seaports and no longer functions as a water-control structure. There are also a number of wind turbines of RWE/Essent on the dyke. An application for an integrated environmental permit is currently being prepared and will be submitted in the near future. The solar park will be connected to the grid via a purchasing station of Enexis in Eemshaven. The start of the building work is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017. The subsidy application has been submitted.

Name of the park: Zonnedijk Eemshaven
Surface area: 7 hectares
Number of panels: 19,000
Capacity: 4.7 MW
Status: building commences Q3 2018
Operated by: Solarfields

Solar Energy Eemshaven

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