By taking part in solar and wind energy projects, Groningen Seaports intends to contribute to improving the sustainability of energy production. Renewable energy is in keeping with various aspects of the green port vision (CO2 reduction, improved sustainability, greening the chemical cluster, etc.) and the visions in Eemsdelta and the Province of Groningen. Green energy is also completely in line with the ambition of Groningen Seaports as an energy port.

Condition for establishing a business

It is clear that (amber) green power (such as solar panels and wind turbines) is increasingly important as a factor for establishing a business. This applies in particular to large energy-consuming businesses, such as data centres and chemical plants. Guarantees for the consumption of (amber) green energy are essential for establishing a business in the area, with potential and existing customers demanding that this power is both produced and consumed in the region. The premises of Groningen Seaports have been accommodating dozens of wind turbines for many years, and three solar parks are now also under development.

Eemshaven: 282 MW

Wind park Westereems (52 wind turbines) is the biggest wind park on Dutch soil. Eemshaven totally hosts 90 enormous wind turbines, of which 85 have a capacity of 3MW, a shaft height of ± 100 and a tip height of ± 140 metres. Three others, 2 Senvion turbines and 1 2-B Energy turbine, are 6MW turbines, which herald the arrival of a new generation of wind turbines. The latest two are Lagerwey turbines with a capacity of 4.5MW.


Eemshaven accommodates two Senvion (former Repower) turbines of 6.15 MW each and a hub height of 114 metres. Wind farm Westereems was expanded by these two 6MW turbines. Senvion is the wind turbine manufacturer for the Nordsee One wind farm, which has been installed from Eemshaven in 2017 and comprises 54 wind turbines.

2-B Energy

2-B Energy (Hengelo) developed a new type offshore wind turbine in Eemshaven. It is a 2 bladed test turbine with a capacity of 6MW. The tower is a full jacket structure and it incorporates a helipad on top of the nacelle (easy access for maintenance). The 2-B concept includes differentiating designs for the rotor, nacelle, support structure and electrical systems, which results in significant cost savings compared to current technologies.


With a tip height of 200 metres, making it twice as tall as Groningen’s  Martini tower, the two tallest wind turbines in the Netherlands can be found in Eemshaven. These wind turbines, type L136 with a capacity of 4.5 MW, were built by the Gelderland company Lagerwey Wind from Barneveld. The second one was built by using a climbing crane.

Delfzijl: 62,7 MW

Eneco Delfzijl Noord wind farm has a total capacity of 62.7 MegaWatt and consists of 19 wind turbines. These are located on the Pier van Oterdum (5 turbines) and on the long and narrow Schermdijk dike (14 turbines), which is surrounded by water. The turbines, each with a capacity of 3.3 Megawatt, have a mast height of 100 metres and a blade length of 50 metres. The total power output of Delfzijl Noord wind farm is supplied to the new Google data centre in Eemshaven.

All these turbines add a significant amount of sustainable energy to the power mix and it is expected that the share of wind energy will increase in the near future creating business opportunities for your Power Purchase Agreement. In both port areas there are far advanced plans to place more wind turbines. Groningen Seaports is also looking for opportunities to participate in wind turbine projects outside the port areas.

Present and future wind farms Eemshaven

Offshore wind

Eemshaven is excellent situated, close to the North Sea, and well-equipped to accommodate logistic (offshore) projects. Many facilities are available in Eemshaven, like business sites, service locations, storage possibilities, (heavy load) quays, jetties, office space, etc. which makes this port excellent suitable as marshalling or service port. The distance to the wind farms (under construction, planned or completed) is short.



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